Congress 2010

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Do you think candidatures should be allowed till later (at least the end of July)?

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Congress 2010

Post  Admin on Fri May 14, 2010 6:17 pm

Here is the circular sent on May 13th.
Congress 2010
As promised by the Provisional Board in January 2010, at the next Congress to be held in
Germany on Friday 3rd September 2010 at 17.30 hours followed by the draws for the
World Cup in Rain, I wish to inform you that the official nominations for the posts of
Directors in the Board of FISTF are open till May 31st 2010.
Any national association who intends to nominate a person from its country to occupy a
position in the FISTF Board between September 2010 and September 2014 shall fill in the
attached form. All forms must be sent by the President of the particular federation, as the
representative will be representing the country first and foremost.
Any nation interested to nominate someone to contest the election for the post of
President of FISTF shall clearly state this in the form attached, else all candidates will be
contesting a post as Member of the Board. There are five posts to be filled by persons
from different countries.
Any form shall be addressed in full to the by not later than 31st May
2010. All forms will be acknowledged. Late forms or uncompleted will be automatically
Truly In Sports
In wonder in which sport there is a 3 months notice needed before candidatures are sent. And I also wonder how comes from the day the circular was sent, how comes there is only a delay of 18 days to send the candidatures.

Sorry but this looks like a real dictature and a real way top prevent people to know whether they want to be candidate or not!

When the same people asked for the "extraordinary meeting", they let just a few weeks to organize everything. THIS IS A TOTAL JOKE!

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