Rule of the 5-0: for or against?

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Rule of the 5-0: for or against?

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Rule of the 5-0: for or against?

Post  Admin on Fri May 07, 2010 11:07 am

I believe after almost one year we can have an opinion about the rule of the 5-0 in groups. My opinion is that the rules sucks. In Belgium, we have had many problems with the rules and we don't see the point to keep it:
- for adults it's not good because players are mature enough to know that if they play top players they have a risk to lose on a big sscore;
- for kids i's not good because some good players score 20 goals and then say "ok, we'll put 5-0 ont he scoresheet". For the loser, the humiliation is the same anyway.

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