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Post  von K. on Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:26 pm

We had a historical ranking event last weekend in Helsinki, when 2 foreign players participated in a national tournament. Before we have had only lone international guests in our tournaments.

The finnish greek, George Papadopoulos, spent the last day of his holidays the correct way Very Happy And we also met for the first time Stefano Fontana of the club Virtus 4 Strade di Rieti, who moved to Finland this year.

The winner was as usual Marko Karhunen from Lappeenranta who beat local rival Jarkko Lindholm 2-0 in the final. The losing semi finalists were Stefano Fontana (2-3 to Lindholm) and the 15 year old Jere Tuominen (0-8 to Karhunen). Jere had taken his first big win of his career by beating me in the QF by 3-2. George Papadopoulos had a tough draw which made him play Lindholm in the QF where he lost 0-3. The other quarter finalists were Pasi Pietilä and another youngster Miko Katila. Although the overall participation was small (14 players), it was positive that we had in total 4 players under 16, and one of them was in his first tournament.

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