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FISTF Certified Training Centers Empty FISTF Certified Training Centers

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:51 pm

If your federation and/or local clubs run good playing facilities, let the whole Sports Table Football
world know about them by registering them as “FISTF Training Center”.
If you don’t have this type of venue, read below how you can set them up in your country with
the help of FISTF.
1. Goals of the centers
- To give local, national and foreign players a place to meet, play and communicate with other
- To have a place to train your local and/or national team for international competitions.
- To build a nice and sporting image of Table Football.
- To support national federations in developing Table Soccer in their country.
2. Center characteristics
- There must be at least 2 different – good quality - FISTF Pitches (2 different brands).
- The center should be open at least 2 days a week for a minimum of 3 hours each time.
- The center must be set up in a clean and non-smoking environment.
3. What the Center gets in return from FISTF
- Official certification as “FISTF Training Center”.
- A place on the FISTF website listing all the Centers with their locations and information, which is
also a way to display the projects and organizational skills of national federations.
- Flags, banners, posters, rules, … can be downloaded freely from the FISTF website.
- Countries will little financial resources can request help through the FISTF Development Fund
(member countries ONLY).
- There are no registration fees for setting up an FISTF Training Center.
4. How to apply
- Please fill in the application form in attachment (FISTF Form21).
- You must fill a form for each center you wish to register.
- Please send photos of the venue with your application.
5. Benefits
- All players with a FISTF license can use the FISTF Certified Centers for free.
6. FISTF Certification
- Your application(s) will be submitted to the General Secretary of FISTF for clearance and
consideration from the FISTF board.

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